Minutes from AGM 2021

Minutes Relating to Looe Golf Club Seniors Annual General Meeting 2021

Meeting Held 28 September 2021 at Looe Golf Club

  1. The secretary (Alan Harmer) opened this the 33rd meeting, of the Seniors Section at 0905hrs and welcomed the 25 members attending. He asked for a special welcome for Ken Cordes who is returning to play with us after hip surgery. Several members apologies had been received.

  2. Minutes and Matters
    Last year’s minutes were made available to all through the Seniors Web Pages and notice board.  Dave Allen proposed that they were an accurate record of the discussions this was seconded by Brian Clark.

  3. Matters Arising 2020
    Birch Ward – Secretary stated that the Birch Ward Trophy is the only outstanding issue. Over the last 2 years it has been the intention to expand this competition to all club members over 55 years of age but Covid had prevented any planning for this event so plans were again shelved in the past year. However, should conditions allow this will be given priority for next year.

  4. Outgoing Captain's (Dave Allen) Report  (Full Captain's Report)
    Dave welcomed all and commented on catching up on competitions, his length of service, WHS, Inter Club matches, Seniors Open and his total charitable collection of £1088.65 towards Prostate Cancer and he thanked all members for their donations. He also thanked all club staff, his Vice-Captains, committee with a special thanks to the Sec. He concluded by saying it had been a pleasure & Honour to serve as Captain and wished the new Captain a successful year.

  5. Treasurer's (Simon Walker) Report  (Full Treasurer's Report)
    Simon gave his financial statement thanking Roger Jones for his overseeing of the annual figures. In answer to two members questions regarding as to why roll up fees should be subjected to the 60/40% split of prizemoney/section funds. He answered that the guidance is in the Functional Manual, the reason being that Section Funds pays for prizes for two’s, and Hole in One Fund both of which are available in these Roll Ups.  The committee agreed that they would look at the possibility of making all of these Roll Ups into competitions organised through Club V1/How Did I Do.  In answer to the second question which asked for information on Prize Money pay-out percentage over the last 3 years. Simon answered the question to the satisfaction of the requesting member, however, it was pointed out that the annual auditor could not readily see evidence of the prize pay-outs made into players’ accounts. This considerably skewed these figures. Rectifying this issue will be a priority of the committee. Also the Sec requested that the pay-out percentage could be included as part of the Treasurers Report at committee meeting as best practice.

  6. Secretary’s (Alan Harmer) Report (Full Secretary's Report)
    Alan commented on competitions, Seniors Open, Review of relaxed rules over Covid period, Members Annual Survey and the WHS. Sec also made a proposal that the Buster Trophy pairs revert to being drawn from two handicap divisions. Jeff Rees Seconded this proposal which was agreed unanimously in a vote.

  7. Appointments of Officers and Committee Members              
    Captain for 2021: Brian Clark
    Brian addressed the members stating that he was looking forward to a good year of golf and lots of fun. He also thanked Dave Allen for his time as Captain and his enthusiasm over the years
    Vice-Captain 2021: Simon Walker
    Treasurer: Simon Walker - no alternative nomination received.
    Secretary: Alan Harmer - no alternative nomination received.
    Assistant Treasurer: Dave Moore
    Agreed New Post: Media and Marketing: Dave Wilson
    2 x Co-opted members: Bryan Sibley, John Nash

  8. Members Proposals Lodged for Discussion
    None Received.

  9. Meeting closed at 0955hrs