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That's Beer! Free drinks for all!

On Thursday, 10th February the Seniors turned out in force for their February Stableford competition. Unfortunately, because there were five temporary greens on the back nine the event could not be played as a qualifier. However, that minor inconvenience paled into total insignificance when compared to the hole-in-one scored on the 9th green!


Robert Brown (pictured, trying to recreate the look on his face when he realised he’d aced it) playing alongside Ian Crawford and John Grist took out his TaylorMade ‘gapper’ – I’m reliably informed that's a 6 hybrid - on the 9th tee. Once dispatched the ball flew true and straight directly towards the flag, prompting Mr. Crawford to mutter prophetically: “That’s Beer”.


Sure enough, upon reaching the green, the ball was in the hole and Robert instantaneously became the Seniors’ best friend and the Treasurer’s worst nightmare - free drinks to all Seniors courtesy of the section! Well done Robert – 60 years of golf and you’ve finally got your hole-in-one! Bloody marvellous!


At time of writing the event result is not clear but who cares? However, rumours abound that El Capitano Bandito, who ‘scraped’ home with a ‘measly’ 44 points did not do enough to win the competition as the El Nueva Bandito aka Andy Ferguson indicated that he had scored a 47. Words fail me, but be assured, you will be measured up for a hat.


Next up is another fun, Seniors 3 event on Tuesday, 15th, followed by the fourth and final Winter League Team Stableford on Thursday, 17th February. Book up for Tuesday’s event before 4pm on Valentine’s Day i.e. Monday, 14th – subtle reminder. 


This close to free drinks for all!

For a change from serious competition, it was a fun three-ball Texas Scramble for the Looe GC Seniors on Tuesday, February 8th where everyone in the competition and indeed in the clubhouse came oh so close to a free round of drinks.


Captain of the winning team Dave Allen needed only one more rotation of the ball to score a hole-in-one on the 12th (see pic). Teammates Dave Wilson and Bob Kelley were absolutely convinced that their skipper had aced it only to be sadly disappointed when stepping on the green.


Had the tee shot holed, it would have been the icing on the cake for a truly fantastic performance by the deserving winners – you’ll find no bandit references here as this correspondent was one of that team. Please direct any complaints to 'the editor'. 


Finishing on 53 stableford points, the glorious victors were four points ahead – streets ahead in golf terms - of the team in 2nd, consisting of Garry Moules, Roger Jones and Nigel Young.


Agonisingly close but just behind them in third on 48 points came Trevor Frasle, Alan Harmer and Clive Cooper, just beating out Simon Walker, Dave Moore and Graham Milo on countback.

Gloating over, next event is the February Individual Stableford on Thursday, 10th February. Please sign up on HDID before 4pm on Wednesday, 9th to guarantee your place!

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Starring the magnificent return of Captain Bandit 

It’s taken a while, but finally the seniors’ most shameless bandit has returned to form. Brian Clark placed first with a net 64 (six under par, gentlemen!) in the third individual Winter League Medal on Thursday, 3rd February. The skipper, on his soon to be reduced 27.4 handicap index, scored 5 pars and 7 bogeys on his way to 26 Winter League points and nine quid for best finish from Division 2 participants. 


Not-at-all-a-bandit, Garry Moules scooped £9 and 25 WL Division 1 points for recording a creditable net 66 in second, with Bryan Sibley coming in 3rd on net 67, beating out Colin Scott in 4th on countback.


Current Division 1 leader John Nash finished 9th, closely followed by Division 2 frontrunner Graham Milo in 10th. Updated official tables are now published - see links below, and it is evident that challengers from both divisions - even supreme Bandit Brian - have not done enough to topple the leaders. There are still three events left in this competition and both divisions are far from decided!


Next up for the Seniors on Tuesday, 8th February is Seniors 3s, format TBA.  Book on HDID by 4pm Monday, 7th at the latest.


Current tables:

Division 1     Division 2


Oh so close for the top three Team Stableford finishers 

On a fine chilly day, a pleasantly large turnout of 29 made it for the Seniors 3’s Team Stableford played on Tuesday, 1st February. 


In a very close finish, first place went to the team of Brian Coombes, John Bannister and Graham Milo, bagging an impressive 89 points. However, their superior back nine score of 44 meant that they edged out Richard Jones, Roger Butler and Bill Bendelow, who also finished with 89, on count back. 


With only one point less than the top two Steve Madigan and Bob Kelley came third on 88 points, thanks to the addition of Bill Bendelow as their wildcard. 


Richard Jones scored the day’s only 2 on the 7th - the course’s longest par 3 no less! Pick up your ball from Captain Brian!


Next up, it’s back to serious competition with the third individual Seniors’ Winter League Medal. Due to be played on Thursday, 3rd February, book by 4pm on Wednesday, 2nd at the latest.


We shall dance! Shortened Waltz goes ahead after fog disappears

Despite the scheduled Seniors 3 stableford waltz planned for Thursday, 27th January being cancelled due to fog, a dozen hardy souls still showed up to compete in Operation Ball Bag, which turned out to be ...... a stableford waltz!


The fog cleared just in time for the 'dancers' to head out at 10:28 in four groups of three. Despite a bit of drizzle conditions were great for golf and those who turned out relished the opportunity to get 18 holes in under semi-competitive conditions. The sun even came out for two minutes!

First place, on 83 points, went to Garry Moules, Simon Walker and David Moore - pictured here after receiving their winnings. In second place on 81 points came Colin Scott, Clive Cooper and their resident bandit Rob Brown (not pictured - but has the exact same hat).


Third place, also on 81 points went to Nigel Young, Bill Bendelow and David Wilson, but due to their inability to score more than one point on the 18th (where all three scores counted) they lost out on countback. Messrs Butler, Grist and O'Connell brought up the rear.

Next up is Seniors 3 - another fun event is promised - on Tuesday, 1st February (weather permitting) followed by Seniors Winter League Individual Medal 3 on Thursday, 3rd. Make sure you enter on HDID before 4pm on the day preceding either event if you wish to participate. 

Seniors Winter League Trophies.png

Winter League Leaders Strengthen their positions at the top

On an overcast and brisk Tuesday, 25th January the Looe Golf Club Seniors Winter League third individual stableford saw the leaders of Division 1 and 2 consolidate their positions at the top of their respective divisions.


Division 2 frontrunner Graham Milo romped home with 42 stableford points, securing 28 Winter League points. A very close second on 41 stableford points, John Nash added 27 points to his Division 1 total finishing just ahead of Trevor Frasle, also on 41 S’ford points in third, narrowly losing out to Nash on countback.


Colin Scott in 4th and Robert Brown in 5th also both returned to form both scoring 40 points each, again only countback separating the two. A further nine players scored 36 points or over, and it was also a day for plentiful twos with no less than eight being recorded – including two by Dave Allen at the 12th and the 14th.


With eight events of the 12 now completed in the Seniors Winter League it is still all to play for in both divisions. Divisional tables will be updated on Wednesday, 26th and can be found here:

Division 1    Division 2


Next up on Thursday it’s Senior 3s with the exact format to be decided, although this correspondent is informed that it will definitely be a non-qualifying fun team event.  See you there!


Twitch trio wins on countback

After a delay due to players being unable to enter their scores into HDID, the results of the TWITCH event on Thursday, 20th January are out, and there are some surprises and a little controversy.


The trio of Adrian Jackson, John Bannister and David Wright were declared winners on 84 points, due to their superior back nine score, narrowly squeezing out Al Harmer, David Wilson and Brian Clark on the same net score. Turns out the team that thought they were clubhouse leaders on 85 finished third on 83 points due to their inability to do maths. They calculated that 38 plus 45 equaled 85. Tsk, tsk, boys!


Top individual not in a winning team was Roger Butler, bagging 40 points, one of only three players to score over 36 points – the other two being Bill ‘Molitor’ Bendelow on 38 and finally Garry Moules on 37, who were both part of the team that finished third along with John Pennell.


Unfortunately, one team was disqualified due to the lack of a marker’s signature on their card. To reiterate, the minimum required to correctly submit a valid scorecard is competition title, date, player/s’ names, course handicap, tee ticked (if available – the green course is not listed on the current card), and both the marker and player signatures. Stableford scores per hole are not required – although very much appreciated by the Secretary.


Next up is the third Winter League Individual Stableford (IS3) on Tuesday, 25th January – remember, you must register by 4pm on Monday, 24th to be eligible for this competition.


Bryan's Home'n'Dry in first!

Tuesday, 18th January saw a rare event these days for the Seniors - a qualifier! The Seniors' January Stableford was played over 15 holes - the three holes with temporary greens being excluded from the event - and out on his own in first was was our winner Bryan Sibley (pictured) recording 38 points from 15 holes.


In second with 36 points - again this is a 15 hole score, so although banditry may be implied we're saying nothing here - was John Grist, followed by Stewart Hamon in third, also with 36 points, agonisingly losing out on countback.  


One point behind in fourth was late entrant Garry Moules with 35 points; both Moules and Hamon also recorded 2 's. Garry's was on the first and Stewart's on the 14th - both win an exclusive and much sought after Srixon Seniors golf ball. 

Also mentioned in dispatches were Bill Bendelow, recording 32 points and finishing fifth, thanks to the power of Molitor! (Ask Bill next time you see him) and newbie Dave Wright finished 6th with 31 points. That's only one under handicap Dave, so you are excused any bandit reference .... for now.

Speaking of bandits, isn't it funny how the normal high scorers disappeared into the also-rans when it was a qualifying event? You know who you are and we're watching you!  Let's try again on Thursday, shall we?

Next event is ta Twitch on Thursday, 20th January.  Book now on HDID. No bookings accepted after 4pm on Monday, 17th January.

Buckland Rowe winner 2021.png

Charity Wins .... Twice!

Every year the Looe GC Seniors play the Buckland Rowe event for charity. This competition is played with only two clubs and a putter in place of the usual choice of 14 clubs. Thursday, 13th January saw the rearranged 2021 fixture – postponed from before Christmas - finally completed over 18 holes with Stableford scoring. 


In third place was ‘future bandit in training’ Mark Humphreys scoring 38 points, one place above in second was ‘bandit in situ' Captain Brian Clark and the winner – with an amazing 41 points was Adrian Jackson – pictured above, receiving his trophy from Brian. No banditry puns required for Adrian, but we can assume that, due to his excellent score, at least none of the flagsticks were physically abused. Just to reiterate, these scores were achieved using only two clubs and a putter. You may as well throw away the other 11 sticks boys – you clearly don’t need them!


But today’s real winner was Air Ambulance Cornwall. As well as raising over £106 in entrance fees, competition winner Adrian Jackson kindly donated his prize of a bottle Famous Grouse whisky back to charity. It was immediately auctioned off for £20 to Clive Cooper, who quickly made his exit. Thanks, Clive! We’re still sat here in the clubhouse longingly looking at our empty glasses….but at least the Air Ambulance gets £126.


Next event is the January Stableford – re-arranged for Tuesday, 18th January.  Book now on HDID. No bookings accepted after 4pm on Monday, 17th January.


Winter League Shocker! 

An amazing array of unbelievable best of 2 from 3 scores were recorded in today’s Winter League Team Stableford event. The first team of three into the clubhouse scored a creditable 90 points from 17 holes – an average of 5.3 points per hole – and were feeling quietly confident of a top three finish.


However, that confidence was short-lived when the next team came in with 91, the next with 93 and so on. Ok, so it was 17 holes on temporary greens, but how many bandits hide in the Seniors section?!


Congratulations to the winning team of Brian Coombes, Nigel Young and Graham Milo. One player who could not be accused of being a bandit was Brian Coombes – pictured above, looking smug and pondering how his team won on a combined score of 97 when he only scored 34 individual points. 97points?! Time for a handicap review for Nigel and Graham? Just a thought.


Brian said: “Today was a brilliant team effort. Well, the other two in the team were brilliant, I just turned up and earned 26 Winter League points and seven quid! Thank you, Nigel and Graham!”


Second place went to Dave Allen, Bryan Sibley and Clive Cooper who ‘scraped’ 93 points. Alan Harmer, Robert Brown and Bill Bendelow were the last team in the money finishing 3rd with 91 on countback, narrowly squeezing out Trevor Frasle, Stewart Hamon and Bob Kelley.


And what about the first team into the clubhouse that were confident of a top three finish? Well, John Nash, Dave Wilson and Mark Humphreys finished 6th. Guess there were just too many bandits out there today, boys! 


Current Divisional tables can be found here: Division 1  Division 2   Next event is the Buckland Rowe – 2 clubs and a putter re-arranged for Thursday, 13th January. 

Seniors Winter League Div 1 Trophy.png

Halfway point of Winter League 

At the halfway point of the 2021/22 Seniors Winter League, current leader in Division One is John Nash with a creditable 96 points. Division Two has joint leaders both on 87 points – Bob Kelley and incumbent Division Two champion Graham Milo. 


Behind Nash in Division One, Adrian Jackson is only six points adrift in second. Both players have qualified by playing at least one of the individual stableford, team stableford and individual medal+5 events. However, sitting in third with 87 points Dave Wilson has yet to play an individual medal+5 and therefore is currently not qualified for final prize consideration. Nine points behind Wilson in 4th is Andy Beer on 76 points, closely followed by four players in the 70s. At this point this division is wide open, with incumbent champion Colin Scott, currently 11th, still not out of the running. 


The top eight players in Division 2 all carry qualified status with Robert Brown sitting in third on 80 points, only seven points behind the joint leaders. Roger Butler is in 4th on 77 points and given the current form of the frontrunners this Division looks set to be a four-horse race to the finish.


Next Winter League event, Team Stableford 3, is on Tuesday, 11th January. Register your interest at HDID. Even if you haven’t yet played in the League, as there as still six events remaining, you still have a shot at winning your division. 


Warning: Bandits on the run!

Following a blatant robbery at Looe Golf Club Seniors roll-up on Tuesday, 2nd November members of the public are being warned to be on the lookout for this pair of ultra-bandits!

Playing on a shortened course - the first hole being out of play and the other 17 using temporary greens, this pair managed to amass 47 points each, with the first prize going to Robert Brown (on the right), due to his better back nine score of 27, pipping Graham Milo into second place because of his 'paltry' back nine score of just 25.

After grabbing the cash in brown envelopes these two were last seen accelerating at speed out of the Looe GC car park. The public are advised that under no conditions should they play either of these 'gentleman' for cash at any sport. You have been warned!

Other bandits to be on the lookout for include third-placed Mark Humphreys (45 points), fourth-placed Bryan Sibley (43 points), and fifth-placed Bob Weston (42 points). The rest of the field could only shake their heads in disbelief at such sheer banditry. 

Heart-breaking Seniors' Team Loss to Looe Ladies team

In a weather-shortened, 9-hole friendly, the Seniors managed to narrowly lose 119-115 to the on-form Ladies team on Thursday, 28th October.

Six pairs from both sides competed on a fourball better ball basis, with the overall total scores to determine the result. Early doors, it looked promising for the Seniors as Captain Clark and partner Garry Moules recorded a 21-18 victory over Ladies' Captain Debbie H and partner Jackie C. 

However, the next pairing saw a 2-point positive difference for the Ladies as Richard Jones and John Bannister went down 21-23 to Maria T and Jenny D.  Next pair in saw the pendulum swing back in the Seniors' favour as Al Harmer and Dave Moore recorded a 18-15 win over Maggie B and Wendy S, leaving the 'half-time' score at 60-56 to the Seniors.

However, that was the last positive score for the Seniors as the next three pairs in all lost by a combined score of eight points (55-63) throwing the result in the Ladies' favour, and a deserving win of 119-115. Well done Ladies - we look forward to the next competition!


New Seniors' Captain tees-off!

New Seniors' Captain Brian Clark took over the helm from Dave Allen, immediately following the successful conclusion of the AGM on September 28th.


Brian's first duty was to tee-off at The Senior Captain's Drive-In. To everyone's surprise - definitely including Brian - his well placed tee shot ended up on the top green at Looe's Par-3 first hole.


Unfortunately, the joy didn't last long as he missed his putt and therefore his 2 and the chance to win a marvellous specially embossed Srixon golf ball.  


Welcome to the helm Captain Clark! We're all looking forward to a successful year under your leadership.