Committee Meeting 
Held Tuesday 18th January 2022

Looe Golf Club Seniors Committee Meetings Minutes of 18 January 2021

Invited: Brian Clark (Captain), Simon Walker (Vice Captain & Treasurer), Alan Harmer (Secretary), Dave Moore (Assistant Treasurer), Dave Wilson (Media & Marketing), Dave Allen (Past Captain), John Nash & Bryan Sibley (Co-opted)

Apologies: Simon Walker

  1. Captains Address:
    The Captain welcomed all and stated that he was more than happy with the present mix of golf and fun and that as far as he can see, it is apparent, that all members are enjoying that mix. The Captain also commented on the completion of the new website and thanked Dave Wilson for his efforts.  

  2. Minutes of last meeting (Sec
    Agreed true representation of meeting discussions.
    Proposer:  Dave Moore                           Second: Bryan Sibley

  3. Matters Arising (Sec)
    4.2 Teign Valley arranged for 31st March at Looe.
    4.3 Medals & S’fords-Quals over 10 holes, Functional Manual (FM) not amended due to changes in rules. Full FM review in progress Action: Sec
    Website up and running!  Xmas Dinner- any feedback
    6. Meeting with Air Ambulance Fundraising section carried over Action: M&M
    AOB Members Request for Social Evening - members to comment. Moved to AOB.

  4. Secretary's Report: 
    4.1 Both Carlyon & Newquay contacted regarding drainage restrictions - no response as yet!
    4.2 Club Sec asked if we can change St Austell 21 July as Triangular match clashes at Looe
    4.3 Functional Manual review. To include policy on late entry to competitions and info on OP BB. Revised version of FM will be circulated to all committee before going live.
    4.4 Remove option of paying by cheque – little used and burdensome. So three options are cash or bank transfer in advance, or cash on the day.

    1. Approach St Austell for rearrangement or consider breakfast before play to take pressure off kitchen Action: Sec
    2. Sec to Compete review of FM and circulate to all committee for approval Action: Sec
    Post-Meeting note. Email from Carlyon Bay cancelled both home and away fixtures.

  5. Treasurer's Report - delivered by Assistant Treasurer in absence of treasurer

    1. ​Cash £180.22

    2. Bank £2,078.69

    3. Pay-out percentage since last meeting (Oct) 67%. The treasurer is seeking a mid-term review with Mr Roger Jones to investigate a minor issue. Action: Treasurer

  6. Media & Marketing 
    DW reported that the total cost of launching the website and running for one year, including the purchase of, was £102.51. However, as he has recruited 4 x financial supporters the cost was recovered plus an additional amount to go to the Captain’s Charity. In addition, several seniors members had already used the contact facility to volunteer for Seniors Team Matches
    Decision: M&M to continue Web Site development – adding pages as required and updating existing pages. Action: M&M

  7. Seniors Open 2022:
    This has already been advertised on Golf Empire @ £16 Entrance Fee! Four visitors have booked in! Discussion on ideas for 2022 started. It soon became apparent that this year’s event was to be somewhat grander than previous years, with events and sponsorship creating funds for the Air Ambulance Charity. The Sec stated that the club has rules regarding sponsorship and that we should seek permission from the owner prior to serious planning.
    Decision: Meeting to be held with Mr Tilbrook at earliest opportunity to enable us to plan!
    Post Meeting note: Mr Tilbrook is happy for us to go ahead as planned, next Committee meeting shortly Action: Capt, Sec, M&M

  8. Birch Ward Trophy (Charity Event) Planned for 14th June 2022
    Due to the close proximity of this competition to the completion of the drainage works due to complete 6th June it was decided not to consider the expansion of this event until 2023. Action: Sec

  9. Seniors Away Day (Captain to lead)
    All go for Ashbury with deposit being paid by end of January.
    Decision: Email regarding single rooms and final price to be distributed. Action: Captain & Treasurer

  10. Any Other Business
    1. Seniors Shirts. Cost will be £25 each and will be available soon. Action: Captain
    2. A survey carried out by Dave Allen has suggested that a social evening may well be a welcome addition to the Seniors Programme. (32 surveyed, 23 for)
    Decision: Dave agreed and accepted the invitation to form a sub-committee with co-opted members, to consider what format and when this could take place and advise committee at next meeting.

    Members Agenda Items
    One question from a member asked about the longevity of these shirts with the Air Ambulance logo embroidered on them. The annual Buckland Rowe trophy supports the Air Ambulance, the committee decided that this was insufficient reason to change the design at this late stage.

  11. Date of next meeting
    Soon after meeting with Mr Tilbrook Action: Sec