Committee Meeting 
Held Tuesday 12th October 2021

Looe Golf Club Seniors Committee Meetings Minutes of 12 October 2021

  1. Captains Address:
    Captain thanked and welcomed all, stating that golf lately had become a little different and that he had big shoes to fill. He is looking forward to a year of golf, fun and fund raising for the Cornwall Air Ambulance

  2. Minutes of last meeting (Sec)
    Agreed true representation of meeting discussions. Proposer Simon Walker, seconded by Brian Clark.

  3. Matters Arising (Sec)
    1. Matter Carried over, to be discussed at Agenda Item 8 - Birch Ward Trophy

  4. Secretary: 
    Secs Report.

    1. Full programme for 2022 tabled by Sec all matches bar one confirmed. All members agreed a tight schedule for next year but manageable. 

    2. Request for Home & Away matches from Teign Valley Seniors.
      Decision: Sec to arrange early summer game at home and see if we can then arrange an away match either later in 2022 or maybe make the match an annual turnabout
      Post meeting note: Sec to meet with Teign Valley Sec on 29th October ref dates.  ACTION: Sec

    3. After some discussion the committee decided that when there are a minimum of 10 holes (not including Temporary Greens) in play during November to March Seniors Winter medals and Stablefords will be decided over the number of full greens in play on the day and these competitions will still be qualifiers.
      Decision: Sec to update Functional Manual.  ACTION: Sec
      Xmas dinner will go ahead after Buckland Rowe on 9th December combined with the Seniors Presentation. Price and Menu to be confirmed.

  5. Treasurer's Report

    1. ​Cash £174.22

    2. Bank £1867.88

    3. The treasurer assured the committee that the accounting anomaly pointed out by Roger Jones at AGM had now been rectified.

  6. Media & Marketing 
    Dave Wilson pointed out that he and Captain Brian have had formal discussions regarding the war forward and several good ideas have emerged, many tied up with the Air Ambulance trust advisors, sponsorship and fundraising. A meeting is being arranged with the area advisors and more information will be available after that meeting. ACTION: Dave (M&M)

  7. Seniors Open 2022:             
    It is hoped that the Open this will be on a more grand scale than previous. The committee are thinking of a major prize for a hole in one competition, greater advertising and an all-round large scale event.   ACTION: Sec

  8. Birch Ward Trophy (Charity Event) Planned for 14th June 2022
    The committee have reiterated their intention to broaden the scope of this event and have agreed to consider ideas and to discuss and agree a plan at the next meeting in January. ACTION: Committee

  9. Seniors Away Day (Captain to lead)
    Captain. Brian to plan and give details at next meeting. ACTION: Captain & Treasurer

  10. Any Other Business
    A member had requested that the committee consider arranging a social evening with partners. He apparently stated his disappointment that the planned Presentation Evening had to be cancelled. Would all members reading this please discuss with a committee members your thoughts and if we can get enough interest we can easily plan an event. If it is what you want and are prepared to support it let your committee know. 

  11. Date of next meeting
    Tuesday, 18th January 2022