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Two teams tie for first in best 2 of 3 Stableford, after count back ruling 'controversially' dropped

On Thursday, 12th May the 2nd Operation BallBag of the week saw two teams finish ahead of the rest of the field on 96 points each, in a best 2 of 3 stableford.


Under previous rules the winning team would have been determined by countback, but for the first time ever the Seniors section adopted the same rules as other Looe GC roll-ups, i.e. in the case of a tie the prize money is distributed equally to those finishing with the same score. 

Rather interestingly the team that would have finished second under the 'old rules' included the Seniors' Captain - Mr Brian 'Bandit' Clark. Now, I'm not suggesting for one minute that the new rules were rushed in by our erstwhile skipper, but you must agree it's an amazing coincidence..... 

So, the victors under the old rules (i.e. the real winners) are pictured, consisting of (L-R) David Wilson, Adrian Jackson and Mark Humphreys. As there is only one picture allowed by the website template, the better looking team (i.e. the real winners) has been featured. 


In joint first place (i.e. second place) was the team of Bryan Sibley, Ian Crawford and, of course, Brian 'who got the better back nine is irrelevant' Clark

Next Seniors event on Tuesday, 17th May is another Operation BallBag. This is just like old school roll-ups in so much as you have to bring £3 cash to enter as virtual accounts are not operational for Op BB. Anyone wishing to play should meet at the clubhouse by 10:00am and bring an identifiable ball that will be used for the draw, although if the last two events are anything to go by, you won't need it :)

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Colin Scott.jpg

Colin Scott wins first Operation BallBag of the Week scoring impressive 44 points

Tuesday, 10th May saw the first Operation BallBag of the week take place, with Colin Scott (pictured enjoying a celebratory coffee) romping home in a field of 20 players, scoring 44 points in the individual stableford competition and scooping the first prize of ten quid.


The briefing in the clubhouse was that only 16 holes were to be played due to the closure of the 8th & 9th holes because of the ongoing green drainage works. However, by the time the first group teed off, the closed holes were reopened on temporary greens, meaning all holes from seven onwards were on temporaries, and the competition could be played over the entire course.

When the scores were tallied in the clubhouse behind Scott, three players tied on 41 points with count back applied to determine final places. So, in second was Mark Harrison winning £9, 3rd place and £8 went to Brian Coombes,  and 4th position and seven quid to Dave Allen. Dave Wilson took £6 and the last money position in 5th with 40 points, just ahead a plethora of players on 39 points.

Next event on Thursday, 12th May is another Operation BallBag. This is just like old school roll-ups in so much as you have to bring £3 cash to enter as virtual accounts are not operational for Op BB. Anyone wishing to play should meet at the clubhouse by 10:00am and bring an identifiable ball that will be used for the draw.

Andy eats all the cake.jpg

Ashbury Away Day was a roaring success - well for Señor Andido Bandido Deeprose, at least!

Away Day started on Thursday, 5th May with 5 people down due to dreaded COVID infections. That sounds like the making of a new book: "Five stay home" by Enid Blyton! Anyway, the enforced absences meant some last minute changes to the teams, but play got away on time, with day one being played on Ashbury's Beeches course. 


Best individual and away day cup winner was Colin Scott with 37 points. Just behind in 2nd was Andy Deeprose on 35 points (just getting started, as it turned out) and in 3rd came Alan Harmer - but no one told me his points.


Team prize winners on the first day with 105 points was the trio of Richard Jones, Al Harmer, Tony Day, with a wild card of Simon Walker. Talking of Simon.....deserved winners of the Brewdog Last place & a can of lager each were Simon Walker, Dave 'one continuous moan' Wilson, Jeff Rees and Mark Harrison. There weren't any 2s recorded on the tricky par 3s so the Captain's charity benefitted by a grand sum of £50. "Thank you all! Nice of you all to so generously miss your putts for charity", said Captain Clark.


What followed was a night of various ball and drinking sports. Captain Clark commented: "From what I saw most of you should stick to golf". After 'several' beverages it was an early start on Friday on the Kigbeare course - a mere 1,000 yards longer than the previous day's Beeches. The five remaining fourballs set out on an arduous day's golf and a 'brief' five hours later were in the clubhouse with the following result.

Individual first place went to: Andy "what me a bandit, how dare you?!" Deeprose (also pictured eating all the cake. Apparently he eats cake off scratch, unlike his golf with a ridiculous handicap of 28.9) recording a stunning 44 points, then Alan Harmer, Adrian Jackson and Captain Clark all tied way behind on a very respectable 37 points each. The winning team with 94 points consisted of Adrian Jackson, Alan Harmer, Bill Bendelow & Graham Milo. Nearest the pin winner was Adrian Jackson

An excellent time had by all, the Captain gives special thanks to Alan Harmer for his help with all of the burdensome admin, plus thanks also go to Richard Jones for providing some fantastic additional prizes. 

Next two events on Tuesday, 10th and Thursday, 12th May are both Operation BallBag affairs. This is just like old school roll-ups in so much as you have to bring £3 cash to enter as accounts are not operational for Op BB. Anyone wishing to play should meet at the clubhouse by 10:00am on each day and bring an identifiable ball that will be used for the draw.


Vice-Captain Walker pips Nigel "I haven't played for three weeks" Young by a single point

Vice-Captain and Treasurer Simon Walker (pictured) took first in the Seniors' Individual Stableford on Tuesday, 3rd May romping home with 45 points, earning nine quid and pipping Nigel "I'm rusty as I haven't played for three weeks" Young by a single point. This correspondent is not going to make any references to banditry ..... no need .... it's self-evident! 

Amazingly, the 40plus pointers didn't stop with the first two placed. In third Mark Harrison, who also scored a 2 at the 6th - that's a par 4 hole folks - registered 42 points. No shame. Just behind him, in 4th on 41 points, John Bannister squeezed out Captain Clark who finished on the same score in 5th, due to a superior back nine.


Before play participants were instructed to compete on the first 14 greens in play for handicap purposes, and then complete the remaining 4 temporary greens - due to the ongoing drainage works on the main greens - for competition purposes. However, as players progressed around the course it became evident that drainage work had already commenced on the 14th green and yet another temporary came into play!

COVID continues to cause absences from Seniors events, and today's field was limited to 22 members, even though the weather was perfect for golf, as proven by the top five plus-40 bandits!

Next event is the long-awaited away day(s) at the Ashbury Golf Hotel near Okehampton on Thursday, 5th and Friday 6th May. Participants should meet at the club at 9:00am for coffee and bacon butties. Tee-times have been emailed to participants. 


Allen, Brown & Kelley win closely fought team stableford 

On what turned out to be a beautiful day, six teams took part in a fiercely fought best two-of-three stableford on Thursday, 28th April, with the team of Dave Allen (pictured), Robert Brown and Bob Kelley emerging victorious, thanks to a superior last six-hole score.

The winners' overall score of 94 was matched by second-placed Dave Moore, John Grist and Dave Wilson, but with both teams recording identical front and back nine scores, it was the last six-hole count back that led to the narrow win for Allen & Co.

The day's event was played over 18 holes but as the 18th and 17th greens were out of action due to the scheduled drainage installation works, only the first 16 holes counted for handicap purposes. The plan for greens improvement is to work numerically backwards towards the first, so next Tuesday's event is likely to include several temporary greens, as the main greens continue to recover.

The next event is another Seniors 3 on Tuesday, 3rd May ; first tee at 10:28am, register on HDID before 4pm on Bank Holiday Monday, 2nd May.


Please note that winter rules will end on Saturday, 30th April, so no more lifting and placing for seniors events!


Heartbreaking loss in near gale force winds at Porthpean

According to the Beaufort Wind Force Scale 35mph winds classify as near gale force. Well, on Thursday, 7th April that's exactly what the participants in the Porthpean vs Looe GC Seniors match faced!

Thankfully, despite the strong wind, the sun was out and the fixture went ahead. All of the six four ball betterball matches were keenly contested, but the final result was a 4-2 win to home team Porthpean.


Vice-Captain Simon Walker said: "We'd like to thank Porthpean for their fantastic hospitality. Despite the conditions we all had a fabulous game of golf, played in the best spirit, the result was the only lowlight of the day."

Next event for the Seniors is a home team fixture vs Staddon Heights; first tee at 11:15am on Tuesday, 12th April. Team members will be notified by Simon.

Prior to that event there will be a roll-up for those not participating in the team event. Please bring £3 cash as there will be no account payments, and be there for 10:00 am. 


Twitch winners celebrate with pints!

Tuesday, 5th April saw 25 keen participants turn up for the Seniors' Twitch (Team with Individual to count towards handicap) event.

After sending out a search team for the last two-ball some 40 minutes after the penultimate group returned to the clubhouse, the result was declared as follows:

In first place came the team of Dave Allen, Andrew Ferguson and Robert Brown on a eye-watering 90 points - this was best two scores from three - bagging each of them seven quid. In second, only one point behind, came newly returned to the Seniors section Mark Harrison, along with Tony Day and David Wright. They each pocketed £5, and last team in the money in third was Captain Clark, Bob Kelley and Ian Crawford on 85 points, each earning a whopping £4 - a £1 profit on the day. 

Graham Milo continued his relentless trek towards all-time biggest earner in the section and also a complimentary visit from the taxman as he collected £7 for the best individual score not in a team. 

The Seniors team is competing at Porthpean on Thursday 7th (see here for team), but there is also a casual roll-up at the club for those not participating in the match. Be there by 10:15 to be in the draw and bring £3 cash as account payments will not be available. 


Seniors team to play at Porthpean on Thursday, 7th April revealed by Vice Captain 


The Looe GC Seniors Team to play Porthpean Seniors away on Thursday, 7th April has been revealed by Vice Captain Simon Walker, standing in for Captain Brian Clark.

The pairings are as follows:

1. Simon Walker & Nigel Young

2. Alan Harmer & John Bannister

3. Stuart Adams & John Grist

4. Garry Moules & Clive Cooper

5. David Moore & David Wilson

6. Trevor Frasle & Bryan Sibley

Players please note that first tee is at 10:00am prompt so allow plenty of time to arrive, set-up, have a coffee etc and be at the tee 10 minutes before first tee-off. Dress code post-match is casual with no need to change for the post-match meal. 


For those not participating in the Porthpean match there will be a roll-up at Looe GC on April, 7th: Please note that this will be cash only - no account payments allowed - and any potential participants need to be at the club and have paid their £3 entry fee by 10:00 in order to take part.


Enormous bandits record absolutely unbelievable score in best 2 of 3 team stableford 

Look at the picture - three smug bandits enjoying their beverages after recording an amazing 97 points in Tuesday 15th March's team stableford. From left to right Pete Windscheffel, Bill Bendelow and Clive Cooper finished three points ahead of the team in second after totally demolishing the course on a beautiful day for golf. 


The second placed team of Andy Deeprose, Ian Crawford and Andy Beer also recorded a score that was beyond the pale posting 94 points. After being equal with the leaders at the turn they eventually lost out due to an inferior back nine. Limping home in third with a 'paltry' 89 was the team of Brian 'Skipper' Clark and visitor Chris Baker, with Richard Jones as their wildcard.

Next up is a Ladies vs Seniors Shield event on Thursday, 17th March, preceded by a roll-up - all cash please, teeing off at 10:04. Please be at the club for 9:45 to be included in the draw. Al has emailed the team for Thursday's encounter with the Ladies, so if you are in the team, please wear your red seniors shirt! 


Finally, a Captain’s announcement: Please note that there will be a raffle in aid of Ukrainian refugees on the day of the Ladies vs Seniors Thursday. Prize donations are still welcomed - please give to the Captain. Additionally, there will be no tree penalties in that event, replaced with a bunker banker.


Winter League - Nash & Milo emerge triumphant after final Medal

After heeding John Nash’s plea for all golfers to play in the final event, it was all on the line for the Winter League leaders going into the fourth individual medal and final event of the competition on Tuesday, 10th March. 


Division 1 leader John Nash teed-off early in a three-ball along with Stewart Hamon, trailing Nash by one point, and Dave Wilson, three points behind the leader. 


In a nip and tuck battle Wilson eventually scored a net 63, with Hamon and Nash each recording a net 66. However, it wasn’t enough for Wilson, ruing losing his ball on the third, as Dave Allen recorded a net 61, and Jeff O’Connell a 62 meaning that Wilson scored only 20 divisional points in third place overall, only two above his lowest replacement score and therefore not enough to catch Nash. 


As Hamon lost out to Nash on countback, he also could not overtake the leader. Congratulations John Nash, deserved 2021-22 Winter League champion! 


Just behind Nash’s Group the three Division 2 frontrunners of Graham Milo, Robert Brown and Bryan Sibley battled it out, with Milo recording a net 63 to resoundingly secure the Divison 2 title. Congratulations Mr Milo! Here are the final tables: Division 1   Division 2


Next up is a Seniors 3 event on Tuesday, 15th March - enter via HDID before 4pm Monday, 14th to be included in the draw. 


Finally, a Captain’s announcement: Please note that there will be a raffle in aid of Ukrainian refugees on the day of the Ladies event next Thursday. Prize donations are welcomed - please give to the Captain. Additionally, there will be no tree penalties in that event, replaced with a bunker banker. 

Adrian Jackson Mar 22.jpg

Adrian Jackson makes it two in a row with Stableford Victories

After recently triumphing in the last Stableford of the Winter League, Adrian Jackson made it two wins in two weeks taking the Seniors March Stableford title, winning on a 'modest' 39 points.


Played over 17 holes, the 12th was walked past due to it having a temporary green and the event being a qualifier. Even so, close behind Jackson in second - thanks only to countback - was Mark Humphreys, who also bagged a 2 at the 14th. Third, also on 39 points but losing out on countback was Robert Brown, which surprised us all as this was a qualifier! I'm sure he is now looking forward to that well overdue handicap cut.

Countback was certainly used a lot today, as it also separated Graham Milo in 4th from Andy Deeprose in 5th, both finishing on 37 points. Last in the money places in sixth was current Winter League Division One leader John Nash on 36 points, who pleads that everyone please sign up for Thursday's Winter League as he wants to win the title in style, and not by default.  

Captain 'Bandit' Clark has also put out the following notices:

1. First Seniors Team match of the year is Thursday, 24th March at home vs Falmouth

2. Second Seniors Team match is on Thursday, 31st March at home vs Teign Valley. 

Please sign up on the Seniors noticeboard in the clubhouse if you wish to participate in either or both events.


Next event, weather permitting, is the rescheduled Winter League last Medal (IM4), due to be played on Thursday, 10th March - sign up on HDID by 4pm on Wednesday, 9th at the latest, if you wish to participate - John Nash wants you to!


Rob Brown receives print for smallest room in the house!

So much rain fell on the previous two days that the course was closed due to waterlogging on Thursday, 3rd March. That resulted in the postponement of the last Winter League individual Medal which will now be rescheduled for a later date. Indeed, the course was so sodden that not even Operation Ball Bag could take place, so let's reflect upon some happier news!


Last week Rob Brown was ceremoniously presented with a framed hole-in-one certificate from Looe GC Seniors captain Brian Clark, and we all know where that is going to hang! Rob is pictured looking suitably smug and rather dashing (that's £10 you owe me Rob!)

Just a reminder, if you missed it, when a hole in one is scored during a Seniors event the bar bill is covered by the section funds - that's one of the reasons why you pay three quid each time you play, as well as a host of other benefits as outlined in the functional manual

Next event, weather permitting, is the rescheduled Seniors March Stableford, due to be played on Tuesday, 8th March - sign up on HDID by 4pm on Monday, 7th at the latest, if you wish to participate! 

Once the rescheduled date for the Winter League Individual Medal 4 is agreed, you will find it here!


All Wright to get the cash on a very wet day.

Operation Ball Bag was in effect on Tuesday, 1st March replacing the scheduled March Stableford, which is now slated for Tuesday, 8th March.


Despite the very wet and windy conditions and the precipitation-filled forecast, 19 participants of slightly suspect sanity still turned up to first witness the draws for the Seniors Individual and Pairs knockouts, then head out to play a ‘fun’ Waltz.


First place on 89 points went to the best dance trio of David Wright (pictured here with all the cash prizes) Dave Allen and Trevor Frasle. Apparently all winnings go to Mr Wright under a new local rule as the other two members of his team couldn’t be bothered to wait until the result. Fair enough! 


In second place on 88 points, after handing in quite possibly the wettest and most illegible card ever seen, was the team of David Moore, Andy Ferguson and Roger Butler. They edged out Colin Scott and Andy Deeprose on countback, who also finished on 88 points with the addition of a wildcard. 


Next scheduled event on Thursday 3rd March is the final event of the Winter League - Individual Medal 4. Entry via HDID - closing time 4pm Wednesday, 2nd March.


Moules wins at last, on countback in a fiercely fought bb stableford!

Operation Ball Bag was called early on Wednesday evening due to a combination of factors - first a lack of registered golfers - there were only 11 takers - plus an atrocious looking forecast, which may have accounted for the former! However, the hardy eight that turned up to participate on the morning of Thursday, 24th February enjoyed great golfing weather, once the hail had disappeared and the wind died down from gale force to wonderfully breezy. The sun even came out for the back nine.

Four pairs matched up for a four ball better ball stableford, played over 17 holes - all on temporary greens. Two teams entered the clubhouse with the same score of 51 points, but it was a superior back six that meant Garry Moules (pictured) and David Wilson took the first prize of four quid each. Unlucky losers David Moore and Jeffrey O'Connell managed to recoup their entry fees, with Robert Brown and Colin Scott winning diddly-squat for their third position. Graham Milo and skipper Brian Clark limped home in fourth...but did enjoy delicious sausage rolls as their consolation.


Next event is the March Stableford on Tuesday, 1st March, book before 4pm on Monday, 28th February to enter. If you have entered the Seniors knockouts, you may want to turn up early around 10ish as the draw will be made for the first rounds of both the individual and pairs competitions prior to tee-off.


Also, a public service message from your Seniors Captain: The annual Seniors vs Ladies Shield match is taking place on Thursday, 17th March, time TBA, and the list for participation is on the Seniors noticeboard. Please sign up if you are interested, the format is 4ball betterball matchplay and costs the usual £3 entry. You can also purchase tea and cake in advance as an optional extra!

Adrian Jackson Feb 22.png

If you can't beat them, join them! Division 1 contenders bite back

After weeks of Division 2 leaders winning the Winter League individual events by ridiculous scores, Division 1 contenders decided to finally turn the tables in the fourth and last Individual Stableford of the 2021-22 Winter League on Tuesday, 22nd February, by taking the top three spots…..with ridiculous scores.


Way out in front on 48 points was Adrian Jackson (pictured). “Every putt was holed; every chip went in, or was very, very close and my driving was by far the best this year.” said Jackson. 


Three points behind in second on 45 points was David Wilson, who managed to magnificently blob the 18th after boldly going for the green with his second shot and missing miserably. One point behind hapless Wilson in third was Stewart Hamon on a strong 44 points. Colin Scott in fourth finished up the Division 1 clean sweep with 43 points.


The best performing Division 2 participant was current leader Graham Milo in fifth place with 42 points, edging out Andy Ferguson on count back, with the third best Div 2 participant Captain Clark finishing in 8th with 41 points.


Tuesday's results have certainly shaken up the Division 1 top spots - Wilson has been relegated to third with Hamon leapfrogging him into second, just one point behind current leader John Nash, although the Division 2 title appears to be a certainty for leader Graham Milo - see the tables: Division 1  Division 2


Next event is a Seniors 3 on Thursday, 24th February, book before 4pm on Wednesday, 23rd to enter. Just a public service message: Make sure you’ve put your name on entry forms on the Seniors noticeboard for the individual and pairs Seniors knockouts as Thursday is the closing the date!

Clive and Stewart.png

Senior Winter League - incredible scores and slender wins

On Thursday, 17th February the Seniors competed in the fourth and final team Stableford of the Winter League. 


Discussion in the clubhouse prior to the event was ‘what score would win today?’ Bearing in mind the format was best 2 from 3 Stableford scores, rather jokingly, someone said: “108”.  Well, as it turned out they weren’t too far out as two teams returned incredible scores of 101. 


Winners, with 24 Winter League points and six quid each, due to their superior last six, were Clive Cooper, Stewart Hamon (pictured) and Ian Crawford (not pictured - went home to spend his winning loot). They just edged out Bryan Sibley, Dave Allen and Jeff O'Connell, who netted 21 points and £5 each. 


The third and fourth positions were also equally contested with two teams finishing on 99 points each. Just clinching third on a superior back nine was the team of Simon Walker, Andy Deeprose and Dave Moore, closely followed in fourth by John Pennell, current Division 1 leader John Nash and Bob Kelley. 


There are no changes at the top of the two tables, but the chasing pack has taken on a different look, see the latest tables at: Division 1  &  Division 2


Next up is the fourth and final individual Stableford on Tuesday 22nd February - providing there is a still a course standing after Storm Eunice passes over the weekend! 


Sign up on HDID by 4pm Monday, 21st - it’s really not hard. Do it BEFORE 4pm - you know who you are! 


Senior Knockouts entries closing date upon us soon!

There was no Seniors golf on Tuesday, 15th February thanks to a course closure due to waterlogging, so here’s a picture of seniors’ ex-captain Andy Beer dressed in one his legendary exotic outfits to cheer you up! 


Also, a reminder that if you wish to partake in the Seniors’ individual and pairs knockout competitions you need to enlist before or on Thursday, 24th February! That’s less than two weeks, gentlemen. To enter either one or both competitions add your name to the list pinned on the Seniors’ noticeboard in the Clubhouse. Yes, that’s old school – write your name on a piece of paper on the noticeboard! 


The draws for both competitions will be held in the Clubhouse on Tuesday, 1st March, prior to that day’s event. Be there early for a cuppa and see who you’ve got!  Just a reminder that the pairs for the Buster Cup will be drawn at random – from two pools of low and high handicappers, as agreed at the last AGM.


Next up – weather and course conditions permitting – is the Seniors’ Winter League last team stableford (no. 4) on Thursday, 17th February. Book by 4pm on Wednesday, 16th and don’t forget, if the course is open the Winter League goes ahead. So, if you don’t like playing in wind/rain/cold etc, please don't register then drop out the morning of the event. That screws up the teams! Thank you!