Winter League 2021-22

The Winter League is played between 1st October & the 28th February and is open to all members of Looe GC Seniors Section.

Latest Standings - 2021/22 Division 1

Latest Standings - 2021/22 Division 2

Seniors Winter League Conditions of Competition

Eligibility:  Competitors must be over 55 years of age and paid up members of the Looe Golf Club Seniors Section and qualify under the 6 Roll Up/3 Seniors Qualifiers in the 12 month period leading up to the date of the competition. Payment of necessary entrance fee of £3 to be paid prior to a player starting his round.


Tees: Yellow Tees or Mats.


Format: The Seniors Winter League will be a multi-round, multi format, all weather/course conditions (as long as course is open in some format) golf competition played over 12 dates between 1st October and 28th February.  Players can play in as many or as few of these games as they wish, a score will be recorded in each round played. Winter league dates will be split equally between Tuesdays and Thursdays to enable all to play in most fixtures.


The 12 days will be split into competitions of 4 x Team Stablefords (TS), 4 x Individual Stablefords (S) and 4 x Max +5 Medals.  Team and Individual Stablefords will be played in their usual formats.

The Max +5 Medal is sanctioned by CONGU and allows a player to - when reaching 5 over par - to pick up and enter a score for a hole of the Par score +5, so 8 for par 3, 9 for par 4 and 10 for par 5. This is a new type of competition and it means you can’t completely ruin a card with a double figure score on one hole. More attractive to high handicapper.


Should a round commence and have to be abandoned through course closure/weather conditions the number of holes completed by all players will be used to calculate scores, providing all players have completed at least 5 holes.


Scoring:  The overall winner of individual competitions, will score a figure equal to the total number of players playing on the day in both divisions:

Example - 18 players in competition, Winner will get 18pts, Runner up 17pts, down to 1pt for the player in last. This applies in individual Stablefords and Max +5 Medal comps. This score will then be added to the running division score for each player.


The draw for the Team Stableford will combine players from both divisions into teams of 3, and the winning team will score a number equal to the total number of players playing on the day in both divisions.

Example, 18 players (6 Teams) in combined divisions with points dropping by 3 for each position so – 18 for each of the three winners,  15 for the three runners up, 12 for 3rd place, 9 for 4th place, 6 for 5th, 3or 6th. These scores will be added to the running Division score for each player.


Overall winners to be decided by taking a player's six best scores, there must be at least one score from each category played i.e. TS, S & Max+5 Medal, and the player with the most points in each Division will be the winner of that division.  


Ties: to be decided by using best 7th then​ 8th round scores and so on, if required.


Prizes: On each competition day as well as points for the overall winner, runner up etc. there will also be prize money for both Divisions winner, runner up and third place, sufficient entrance fees allowing, Treasurers decision is final. The Winners of each Winter League Division will win a trophy.

Winter League Split

Divisions are determined by placing the Senior's section into two groups based on handicap. For 2021/22 the split point was HCP Index 22